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Ordered bicycles require bicycle racks

  • Author:Sara Dong
  • Source:Pioneer Vehicle
  • Release on :2015-08-31
Cars parked illegally will be fined, penalized, or even suffered a trailer. Some owners, in order to prevent the vehicle towed, tried a variety of ways, there have been many wonderful parking. In fact, contrary to the bike stopped. Under the law, non-motor vehicle parking location is not specified, will be fined 20 yuan. Moreover, illegally parked bicycles more wonderful.
Shapes of bicycle parking mode, only affects the city appearance, and blocking traffic. Tied very elegant posture, you can give it a parking stand?
A bicycle with three locks, many people feel that this was safe. Two locks each lock front and rear, as well as a lock of the bike tied to a fixed object. There are cyclists that bike too light, just lock the front and rear, a thief can easily be removed. Only the car tied to a fixed object, so that thieves will not quit.
Reporters interviewed found in the streets, in the vicinity of the bridge Hsien Lung Poon Road bus station, close to the river free to non-motorized vehicles can be parked. There is a row of riverside fence, many bike is locked in an iron fence.
Near Xinjiekou, many bike against the front sidewalk guardrail, a fence and a bicycle wheel locks tied together. Ruijin road, some bike was tied to a tree.
In some non-motor vehicle parking spots, set the parking stand. Racks have spiral, rod-like. In contrast, there are racks in place, bicycle parking relatively orderly, because many bicycles are locked in a parking stand.