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Address: 838 Lingshan Road, Xukou Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China (mainland)
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How to reach Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle.Co.,Ltd

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That is a exciting thing to write how to reach my factory and a warm welcome to our factory!

First you should know my factory detail address(Chinese&English):


No.838,Lingshan Road,Xukou Town,Wuzhong District ,Suzhou,Jiangsu,China(Mainland)


Suzhou pioneer Vehicle.Co.,Ltd

You can write card or letter to post to me if have Chance!

How to reach our factory:

There are several ways as follows:

1)Airport - factory directly---

There is car to pick you up from airport(for example Pudong air port),it takes 2 hours from airport to my factory directly,when you arrival,I will use one board to write:Hi:XXX,warmly welcome to China

2)Airport -shanghai station -Suzhou Station-(Mudu)factory

once you arrival airport,you can go to Shanghai station by subway,but it will take one and a half hours,so that is long time,and it will take 20 minutes from shanghai to Suzhou station,then there is one car pick you up,or you can choose by subway from suzhou station to Mudu(the last subway station),then there will be a car pick you up!

from shanghai station to suzhou station only 20 minutes!

then i can pick you up in Suzhou station!

3)shanghai station -Suzhou Station-factory

high speed train is good to save time,if you are near Shanghai Station,it will take 20 minutes from shanghai to Suzhou station,then there is one car pick you up,it will take 25 minutes from Suzhou Station to my factory,in total is 45 minutes