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Outdoor bike rack:Tips for preventing No. 1 crime on campus: Bike theft

outdoor bike rack
Spring is now upon us, and the use of bicycles for transportation is definitely increasing. This means that bike thieves will be coming to campus, as well.

With bike thefts being the No. 1 crime on campus, here are some safety tips to prevent thefts, courtesy of the CU Boulder Police Department (CUPD).

Make it hard to steal.
In the vast majority of bicycle thefts, the bicycles were either unlocked, improperly locked or locked with inadequate locking devices such as lightweight cables or chains.

Use a U-lock.
You should always carry a secure lock whenever you plan to leave your bicycle unattended. The U-lock style of locks has proven to be most effective, but, like all locks, they can be defeated. Use a high-end U-lock to reduce the chances of your lock being defeated.

Also, be sure to exercise care in where and how you lock your bike. Always lock your bicycle through its frame and front tire to an approved bicycle parking rack. You can get a free U-lock from the Environmental Center by trading in your cable lock.

Register your bike.
You can register your bike online or at the CU Bike Station just west of the UMC fountains for free. Registering discourages theft and aids in identification should your bike get stolen.

In addition, any personalization on your bike (stickers, markings, etc.) should be documented and kept. All of this information should be stored and saved along with purchase receipts, manufacturer’s information and a photograph of the bicycle.

Report the theft.
If your bicycle is stolen on campus, you should report the crime immediately to the CUPD. Reporting it quickly and providing the police with descriptive information such as the serial number and your registration number—if you registered with the university—increases the chance of recovery.

To report the theft of a bicycle contact CUPD at 303-492-6666 or through the CUPD website.

If you happen to witness a bike theft, either by force or stealth, dial 911 immediately and inform the dispatcher where you are and what is happening. Try to remember as much as you can about the suspect(s) for police reports.