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Busy Production Of Bike Racks
Release on 2018-01-15Time flies. It is already 2018 now and it will be Chinese Spring Festival in about one month. Our workshops are working in full swing for the orders p...Read More
Product description training -- Manufacturing & Service
Release on 2018-01-10There was a product description training in the middle of last month in our company, it mainly described the products’ specialized knowledge. In orde...Read More
New Arrival Laser Cutting Machine
Release on 2017-11-21   Good news! There is one new laser cutting machine arrives our factory this week.   It’s a Dual-drive Pipes and Plates Fiber Laser Machine whi...Read More
How to reach Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle.Co.,Ltd
Release on 2016-12-19That is a exciting thing to write how to reach my factory and a warm welcome to our factory! First you should know my factory detail address(Chinese&E...Read More
Why customers trust Pioneer Vehicle? - Professional
Release on 2016-11-24We have expressed that our vision is the motivation which makes Pioneer Vehicle keep focusing on the quality of bike racks and make our customers trus...Read More
Why customers trust Pioneer Vehicle?
Release on 2016-10-28Some customers always have a doubt before our first cooperation: Why should I trust you? What can you bring me? Sure we can provide high quality bike ...Read More
Sept&Oct,two monthes PK
Release on 2016-10-26Suzhou Pioneer held sales PK every months,that is a big encourange for sales,for example,sales can get 3% sales performance,what more,sales can be fo...Read More
Suzhou International Trading Company Organization Set Up
Release on 2016-04-27Suzhou International Trading Company Organization set up in recent days, that's mean many companies will join hands and help each other,in order to m...Read More
Suzhou: China's laid-back capital
Release on 2016-04-25Image copyrightImage captionIn Suzhou, there are even rickshaws master leisurely moments. (Source: Eva Rammeloo)One of the world's most populous city ...Read More
2016 first snow in Suzhou City
Release on 2016-01-21This afternoon, Suzhou City Emergency Office announced that the night is expected on the 20th to the 22nd, the city has snow, on the 23rd to the 25th ...Read More
Having New Year Eve Dinner
Release on 2016-01-18last week, Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Company Invite all employees have a big New Year's Eve dinner d, this is a good tradition of our company, everyone i...Read More
Hackers.Incredibly Crazy-------To all my customers and Chinese export companies!
Release on 2016-01-12Hello,my friendThis year,2015, I think you all know about the crazy hackers!I hope the international police can help about it ,or more Chinese compani...Read More
An Unforgettable Christmas Party in 2016
Release on 2015-12-28Recently,Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Company hold a Christmas Party to celebrate the coming new year,many people has been invited! Our sales team host this...Read More
Christmas Eve
Release on 2015-12-23Christmas Eve (Silent Night), namely Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve, December 24), is one of the most Christian countries Christmas holiday, but now, du...Read More
50 Pieces Christmas Gift Were Sent To Global Customers
Release on 2015-12-18The Christmas is coming,Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Company prepare 50 pieces Christmas gift,then, we are going to send out the gifts to 50 bike rack custo...Read More
A large business meeting hold by Alibaba
Release on 2015-12-10Recently, the Alibaba company held a large business meeting in Suzhou city,this meeting mainly discuss the development trend of the ECommerce,also,the...Read More
Benefits of cycling
Release on 2015-12-07The benefits of exercise bike is limited time, limited speed. Cycling can not only lose weight, but also to make shapely. Since cycling is a sport req...Read More
Tin Ping Shan Maple Festival
Release on 2015-12-03Tin Ping Shan Maple Festival Today the weather is very good, just today is the famous Ping Shan Maple Festival. This makes us very excited. So we pion...Read More
The double ninth festival in China
Release on 2015-10-27The double ninth festival is the best reward autumn period, some mountain village in southern China to keep the features "autumn".To the countryside w...Read More
Financial fraud
Release on 2015-10-21We thought financial fraud is far way from us,but recently,our emails seem steeled by hackers,they used our email to contact customers and shield us,c...Read More