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Our product meeting " Wall Mounted Bike Rack "
Release on 2019-04-11  We have product explanation meeting every month, everyone learn more about bike rac...Read More
China Double Decker Bicycle Parking Rack
Release on 2019-03-272 TIER BIKE RACK ASSEMBLE INSTRUCTION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCc6R_0XVsM&t=2s China Double Decker Bicycle Parking Rack, easy for using, save ...Read More
What we can do for you in bike rack field!
Release on 2019-01-10Now I am introducing my company and What we can do for you in bike rack field! Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle.Co.,Ltd is China's leading manufacturer of bicyc...Read More
Our team building activity
Release on 2018-11-19  We organized department activity on Friday afternoon, there are 7 members in our team, we made the team building in Taihu Cowboy Country C...Read More
Business trip to UK for bike rack marketing
Release on 2018-11-05Every year our company dispatches one sales representative abroad to explore local bicycle rack market. Fortunately I am the one to do this job on Oct...Read More
Sales Seminar of Foreign Trade
Release on 2018-09-25There is product training in Pioneer every month to help our sales rep learn more about our bike racks and become more and more professional. Besi...Read More
Department activities and Good News
Release on 2018-09-07  Golden September Silver October, hot sale periods, we hold a sales competition in these periods. Cheer up everyone, come on!   Here introduce...Read More
Fire drill
Release on 2018-08-21In response to fire incidents in many factories in China, the government has intensified efforts on fire protection. Every factory must ensure that em...Read More
Two Tier Bike Rack Loading In Dog Days
Release on 2018-08-14  It is called “canicular days” from the middle of July to the middle of August. This is the hottest, humid and muggiest day of the year in most p...Read More
Hot weather in Bike Rack Manufacturer Workshop
Release on 2018-07-24  As you know, we are entering the hottest day in a year, we call it Dog Day. High temperature, high humidity will last a long time these days, we a...Read More
Welding of bike rack
Release on 2018-07-06We are experts when comes to welding,which is the secret to success of our bike rack business.Our factory starts as a metal processing unit in 2000. W...Read More
Bollards and Bike Racks
Release on 2018-05-16China Bollards manufacturer & Supplier: Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co., Ltd. Safety Bollards protect buildings and equipment from damage caused by moving ...Read More
Parking Box
Release on 2018-05-14Over Bonnet Storage Box / Garage storage cabinets / Over car storage box, Apartment storage, Basement storage,Car park storage, carport storage, Garag...Read More
Don’t Get Cluttered – Get a over bonnet Box
Release on 2018-05-07   Above bonnet storage lockers are ideal for those living in apartments or houses where extra storage space is needed. They utilise previously unus...Read More
Bicycle Parking Theory
Release on 2018-04-25  Bicycle Parking and storage are important ways to provide convenience and security for cyclists. Encouraging cycling to make cities more liveable,...Read More
Busy Production Of Bike Racks
Release on 2018-01-15Time flies. It is already 2018 now and it will be Chinese Spring Festival in about one month. Our workshops are working in full swing for the orders p...Read More
Product description training -- Manufacturing & Service
Release on 2018-01-10There was a product description training in the middle of last month in our company, it mainly described the products’ specialized knowledge. In orde...Read More
New Arrival Laser Cutting Machine
Release on 2017-11-21   Good news! There is one new laser cutting machine arrives our factory this week.   It’s a Dual-drive Pipes and Plates Fiber Laser Machine whi...Read More
How to reach Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle.Co.,Ltd
Release on 2016-12-19That is a exciting thing to write how to reach my factory and a warm welcome to our factory! First you should know my factory detail address(Chinese&E...Read More
Why customers trust Pioneer Vehicle? - Professional
Release on 2016-11-24We have expressed that our vision is the motivation which makes Pioneer Vehicle keep focusing on the quality of bike racks and make our customers trus...Read More