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Secure Bike Parking with BollardsSecure Bike Parking with Bollards

Secure Bike Parking with Bollards

  • Model:PVP/N:HJ-000131-00-01
  • Material:Carbon Steel&Stainless
  • Product Size:680*900mm(W*H)
  • Pipe Size:DIA48*2.0   DIA100*2.0
  • Net Weight:8kg
  • Surface Treatment:Stainless steel(Optional)


1.It's a good bike parking stand with high security.
2.This bike parking
can also be used as security and traffic barriers.
3. This popular bke parking  is suitable for street, residential, public places.
Parks two bikes.


 Model  PVP/N:HJ-000131-00-01
 Pipe Size  DIA48*2.0   DIA100*2.0
 Product size  680*900mm(W*H)
 Net Weight  8kg
 Surface Treatment  Galvanized, powder coat, or stainless steel finish.
 Packing  carton box(can be custom)
 MOQ  100PCS
 OEM  Yes

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