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Bollards and Bike Racks

  • Auteur:Ronnie Huang
  • Relâchez le:2018-05-16
China Bollards manufacturer & Supplier: Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Safety Bollards protect buildings and equipment from damage caused by moving vehicles. It can be used for both outdoor and indoor, garage......

Bollards are of steel construction, finished in alert yellow, with added luminous black and yellow warning strips for outdoor applications. Here are our different types of bollards for your reference.

1.Floor mounted bollards
Easily to install and move, we accept customized according to your requirements.

2.Ground type bollards with safety lock
These three bollards are installed in the ground. It also can adjust the bollard height.

3.New type bollard & bike rack
Floor mounted bicycle parking bollard rack with two handles, it can park 2 bikes.

Handle-It Surface mount steel bollards are used as impact protection for various areas in your warehouse. With a minimal footprint they can be used to guard building corners, doorways, rack ends, machinery, and any other situation where you need to protect from equipment traffic.