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Bolted Down And In-Ground Bike Rack

  • Auteur:Doris Xu
  • Relâchez le:2018-06-19
   The U-shaped bike rack is a standard and popular bike rack all over world. It is widely used in Europe and America.There are two main forms - bolted down and in-ground.

Bolted Down Bike Rack
 Material  SS304
 Finish  Polished
 Pipe  Φ50mm thickness: 2.0mm
 Flange  Φ150mm thickness: 6.0mm
 Optional Material  Optional Material
 Dimension  850 * 800 mm
 Packing Size  960 * 840 * 210 mm
 Packing Way  2 pc/ctn

In-Ground Bike Rackc

 Material  SS 304
 Finish  Polished
 Pipe  Φ50*3mm
 Optional Material  carbon steel/SS 304/SS 316
 Dimension  850*1100mm
 Packing Way  Carton

    Bolted down and in-ground bike rack fits anywhere no matter outdoor or indoor garage. It allows two points of contact for safe securing of bike frame and wheel.

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