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Coil Shape Bike Rack

  • Auteur:Janet Liu
  • Relâchez le:2018-08-02
  The coil shape bike rack is very unique for its shape. It is frequently used near schools, shopping malls, libraries etc. The design is very smart and in spiral shape. It save space dramatically.
  The material for this coil shape bike rack is steel. The finish treatment is black powder coated.  The surface color can be chosen if treated with different color to match with needs of different circumstances.

  The capacity of bicycles for this design can be adjusted with different circumstances.
Other materials choice for this design can be stainless steel, Aluminium etc. Stainless steel is used when the product need to be dramatically durable, the surface treatment for stainless steel material can be polished or brushed.
The smart design not only adds to the aesthetics of any environment, but will also secure bicycles at an upright position.
  As cities pay more and more attention to environmental friendly equipment. This coil bike rack will be more and more popular.