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Floor Mounted Base Plate Bicycle Rail for 1 or 2 bicycles

  • Auteur:Jerome Wang
  • Relâchez le:2018-05-11
   Suzhou Pioneer offer a wide range of robust, versatile Bicycle Rails, Racks, Lockers and Cages. Designed for aesthetics, functionality and convenience, suzhou pioneer satisfies the needs of clients and end users alike.

  The bike rail allows for the securing of 1 or 2 bicycles per rail and the versatility of installing multiple rails in various combinations to cater for larger bicycle parking areas. The contemporary circular design of the bike rail is suitable for all types of applications and landscapes. While supporting the bicycle, the BRB1 allows for the securing of the frame and wheels to the rail via the bicycle owner’s lock.

  Installation of the bike rail requires mounting to a concrete surface, using appropriate masonry anchors to secure the rail. Base plate mounted bicycle rails are often used as they are simple to install and ideal when core drilling and concrete footings are not possible.

    Manufactured from 40NB Galvanised Mild Steel or Grade 304 Stainless Steel, (Grade 316 available upon request). Finish options include Linished Finish (Stainless Steel) Hot Dipped Galvanised, or Powder Coating available in a wide range of colours.welcome more enquiry!
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