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Hot weather in Bike Rack Manufacturer Workshop

  • Auteur:Ethan Yao
  • Relâchez le:2018-07-24
  As you know, we are entering the hottest day in a year, we call it Dog Day. High temperature, high humidity will last a long time these days, we are turning to be like BBQ food, especially for our workshop colleagues, this will be a huge challenge for them to finish the orders on time with same time as before, because the Dog Day will weaken their efficiency, thus it is very hard to control well the lead time in this situation. Considering the Dog Day is easy to bring heat stroke, we install new fans with cool wind to cool down the workshop and guarantee the workers health and cosy circumstance. Also we adjust the normal working time to the new one, which can avoid the hottest time in one day. 
  With the wise measures made, our colleagues can concentrate on the manufacturing bike racks well and keep the lead time well controlled. CHEERS, CUTE MAN!