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Invert U Bike Rack(square pipe)

  • Auteur:Jerome Wang
  • Relâchez le:2018-08-27
Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co.,Ltd Invert U Bike Rack Bike Racks are the recommended standard for high-vandal areas, as the 2″ square tubing/crossbar provides additional security and allows a bike to be secured by both wheel and frame. Approved by the Association of Pedestrian and Bicyclists Professionals, the Invert U Bike Rack meets government standards for Class 3 short-term bicycle parking.

Standard includes 2″ square steel tubing with cross bar for additional security coated with Black TGIC zinc primer powder coat finish for maximum corrosion resistance. Custom powder coat finishes are available upon request.

Staple Racks accommodate two bikes per rack, providing stability for the bike frame that allows clear access for pedestrian walkways. The stability and uniform bike parking allows more bikes to be parked per square foot than wave type designs.