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Bike Wall Rack

  • Auteur:Jerome Wang
  • Relâchez le:2018-11-16
The bike WallRack is a simple, space saving, and economical vertical bike storage system. Designed to free up floor space, the bike wall rack parks a bike up against a wall to allow easy accessibility and locking of the bike wheel and frame. The bike wall rack provides support and protection of the bike frame, unlike other vertical bike racks that put stress on the bike by hanging from the front rim.

Product Description

The Bike Wall Rack is fabricated of heavy-welded 3/8″ diameter steel wire frame with two mounting holes 12″ apart installed 16″ O.C., with 12″ offset to allow for handlebar clearance. Hardware includes (2) tamper resistant 5/16″ diameter lag screws and 5/16″ lag shields for concrete or block installations.

Wall-Mounted Bike Rack

The bike wall rack design is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, available in four polyester powder coat finishes or stainless steel. Cycle Safe bike wall racks are ideal for campuses, parking garages, bike rooms, transit stations, multi-family units, or any wall location where space is limited.


· Easy to use – simply roll the bike up into the Wall Rack

· Allows hanging of helmets or other bicycle gear

· Suitable for indoor or outdoor use


· Multiple mounting options

· Available in four durable polyester powder coat finishes or stainless steel

· Specify 45º angle kit for additional space efficiency

· Surface treatment:

·  Powder Coat

·  Stainless