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Choose An Appropriate Bike Rack for Your Bike

  • Autor:Murphy Qin
  • Solte em:2020-12-16
Bicycle parking stand is a metal stand used to park a bicycle, electric car, or motorcycle. It is used for bike rental in many cities across the country,and all over the world.

There are many kinds:

1.Bicycle parking rack: mainly for bicycle parking, common slot style.
2.Electric car parking rack: electric car and bicycle general parking rack, frame spacing slightly larger.
3.Motorcycle parking rack: mainly parking large electric vehicles and motorcycles
4.High and low grade parking frame: mainly is the high and low collocation park bicycle, is conducive to save parking land
5.Spiral parking frame: made of circular tube, mainly parked bicycles, due to the inability to hot-dip galvanized, rust resistance is poor.

                               Two Tier Bike Parking Rack

The Advantages are below:

1.It is convenient to stop and pick up the car.
2.More secure after locking.
3.conducive to environmental beautification, convenient green travel.
4.Save parking space and land.
5.Free combination installation and humanized design.

                               Outdoor Rains-proof Bike Rack Shelter

Installation of parking racks:

1.First, attach the attached screws to the shelf and fix the base.
2.Drill holes in the ground and fix the parking rack on the ground with expansion screws.
3.Connect the adjacent parking racks with the attached screw fasteners.
(Specific installation should be adapted to local conditions)

                             High Low Paking Rack

The largest parking rack manufacturer in China is in Suzhou, and dozens of parking racks in Suzhou sell well in China and abroad. Bicycle parking racks have become a new product independently researched and developed in China

Response to the call of national energy conservation and emission reduction, green travel, the increase of people’s health consciousness, mainly bicycle travel more and more people will bicycle parking problem is more prominent, bike racks is arises at the historic moment under this background, believe more in the future city will popularize the use of bicycle racks.

From the perspective of foreign markets, a large number of containers of bicycle parking stands are exported to Europe, America, Australia and other overseas countries every day. The popularity of bicycles in foreign countries is far greater than that in China, and the corresponding demand for bicycle parking stands is also huge.

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