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Internet + Internet of Things --- Intelligent Parking Guidance System

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Internet + Internet of Things --- Intelligent Parking Guidance System

2017-11-10 11:08:20
  Nowadays, the society has entered the Internet Age, the whole Internet industry has entered a relatively stable periods after ten years high speed development.The society should need new industry to drive the progress, so the emerging industry “ Internet of Things” into our sight, this industry development drive the whole society.
  The Internet of Things is an Internet of connected everything that can cover everything in the world.The objects that need to be connected to the Internet will be put into the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) device, infrared sensors, Global Positing System (GPS) and etc. to form the intelligent network, and the information communication between the items, exchange, managers through the terminals, such as cellphones, computers, etc., to achieve the recognition of these objects, positioning, inquiry, monitoring and management.
  Parking is gradually becoming a tough problem in the urban transportation, it effects the economic development. Because of the imperfection of the current parking guidance system, people still have to spend lots of time to look for parking space, which not only results in traffic jams and wastes a great deal of time. The intelligent parking guidance system is an effective method to solve the problem of parking. The Urban Parking Guidance System (ITS) is an important part of the application of vehicle autonomous positioning technology, geographic information system and data base technology, computer technology, multimedia technologies and modern communication technology integrated system.

  The application of IOT is in various fields, such as intelligent transportation, public safety, environmental protection, intelligent testing and all aspects of human production and life.
In generally speaking, the Internet of Things is an inexorable trend of globalization, which has the great value to our country’s economic and social development.