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About Us

Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Company was founded in 2000 years,we have more than 15 years of experience in processing metal products.
Our factory covers an area of more than 7000 square meters, we nearby the beautiful Lingyan mountain which located in Mudu town,
Suzhou city.Our factory have all kinds of stamping equipment around 30 sets,Semi-automatic and full automatic spot welding machine
5 sets,Gear machine 2 sets,Sawing machine,CNC machine,CNC bending machine,Pipe bending machine,Arc machine etc,more than 20
units types of welding machines.
There are various types of processing equipment more than 50 units.We have rich experience for Turning,Milling,Planing,Grinding,
Drilling and Tapping,Punching strerching,Welding bend etc.We have integrity and pragmatic spirit,we regard product quality as the life
of enterprise,we offer good quality and efficient service to the new and old customer!

Representative products:All kind of bike racks,including hoop bike rail,wave bike rack,hot-dipped bicycle rack,spray-finishing bicycle
rack,stainless steel bike racks,post bollards etc. Also, we offer others service,such as:Welded tube frame,Metal processing etc.

We provide a one -stop metal processing services:

Welding process:we have rich experience in electric welding,spot welding,oxygen welding,argon arc welding,carbon dioxide-shielded
welding.we can make metal shelves,steel frame,and all kinds of metal structures welding process,high technology with good quality.

Tube bending:Our company has advanced CNC tube bending equipement,according to samples or drawings provided by customers,we can
produce types of pipe products.We have the ability to design and open mold.

Sheet metal stamping:We have some punch hydraulic press machines for 10-160 tons,also, we have CNC punch and CNC bending machine 
equipment.We could undertake a variety of metal materials sheet metal stamping,aslo,we can do the surface treat for electroplating,painting,
coloring etc

For now,our bike racks have been sold to more than 56 countries,we offer good quality products for the wholesalers from all over the world.
Welcome  inquiry and visit our factory!