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How to park your bicycles orderly?

The problem of parking of non-motor vehicles in the construction of urban civilization is no longer negligible. In order to make the streets look new, the competent authority has set up parking areas for bicycles and electric vehicles on multiple streets in the city, and installed spiral bicycle parking racks and eye-catching signs to guide citizens to use electric bicycles. The cars are parked in an orderly manner, and the citizens are very cooperative to park on the parking racks.

This new type of bicycle parking rack provides a compact and orderly parking position, and all types of bicycles and electric vehicles can be parked in the parking rack. The bright traffic yellow is reminding the public that "I" is here, come and stop here. Let us learn about this unusual bicycle rack.

Spiral bicycle parking rack features: 
The circle-shaped design is beautiful, and the spiral pitch of 280mm is suitable for parking bicycles and electric vehicles.Bicycle rack material selection: Q235 carbon steel and 304 stainless steel can be installed outdoors, and 201 stainless steel is recommended for indoor installation.

The vertical bicycle rack is also known as the high-position bicycle rack. The ZC-T5-A high-position rack does not need to squat down to lock the car. It is so convenient and quick to park bicycles and electric vehicles. It is installed at subway entrances and downtown areas in Longhua District, Shenzhen. Parking rack. The staff said that since the installation of these parking racks, shared bicycles are parked in an orderly order, and they will not accidentally bump into shared bicycles at crowded subway entrances and streets.