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Running or riding? Which is better for weight loss?

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Running or riding? Which is better for weight loss?

2018-03-26 16:58:09
Weight loss needs two factors, one is proper control of diet, and the other is to keep exercise properly.

When we do aerobic exercise,the main purpose is to improve heart rate in some way, so as to achieve the purpose of fat consumption.That is why the most important thing to do aerobic exercise is heart rate, not exercise.

For outdoor sports, I certainly recommend riding.Why? Because I am an undetermined person. After running, I had planned to run 10 laps, but actually, maybe in the eighth lap, I would leave for food and eat.

However, riding is different. You don't want to return until the end of the journey. But when arrive the end, it is late, only go on. So, I recommend riding from willpower scape.

Compared between riding and running, after exercise, heart rate will increase. Both of them can adjust the speed to control the heart rate in a certain range, so these two methods can achieve the purpose of reducing fat as well.

However, running for an hour is too difficulty. Though it looks simple, it is really hard to insist. Most people will feel muscle pain after running a long time, but it is easy to stick a bicycle for 25 kilometers per hour.

So, if you do not intend to specialize running, bike is the best choice to lose weight. And our company's indoor bicycle trainer rack, not only meet the needs of sports riding, even in the rainy weather, can also help to lose weight indoors.