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why you choose be customer of Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle.Co.,Ltd

  • Author:Jerome Wang
  • Release on:2015-06-15
When I arrival Suzhou pioneer vehicle,I start know why more customer choose our factory to be his or her supplier?
first,our factory will have car to pick customers up at air port(shanghai pudong airport,hongqiao air port)
second,we will take customer to hotel for relax so that customer have no trouble about the jat lag!
third,receipt customer for meeting,welcome customer come to suzhou pioneer vehicle for bike rack business
if customer have order before,we will arrange for travel.
if no,we will arrange customer just go around suzhou city!
when customer go back,my factory will have little gift customer,and take picture together,then attach on our customer wall!
during holidays,we will post some chinese special things to customer!