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About Suzhou Pioneer vehicle Co.,Ltd

  • Author:Jerome Wang
  • Release on:2015-06-16
Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co.,Ltd is a family owned business that has been devotes to improving China cycling infrastructure since 2000.we are also cycling enthusiasts and believe that by designing better bicycle parking products,people will want to ride their bikes to more places,more often-add that is a good thing for everyone!

We design all of our bicycle racks and locks to be easy to use,easy to install and nice to look at,whether ,you are an architect,builder,local council or home owner,Suzhou pioneer can help you seld most space efficient layout,and make your customers happy!

If you are a local Council,Transport Authority,Building Manager,Owners Corporation,University or school,we can provide a flexible,well-planned bike parking facility for your commuters,customers,employees,residents,and students

If you are a home owner and needa simple solution to keep your bikes organised,we have a number smart  products that will unclutter your space in snap.

we looking forward to learning more about your bicycle parking requirements and helping 
choose the best solution available.
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