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Traditional holiday - the Dragon Boat Festival

  • Author:Ethan Yao
  • Release on:2015-06-18

This Saturday will be our traditional Dragon Boat Festival, to commemorate the great statesman, poet Qu Yuan.

Dragon Boat Festival is a festival with delicious food, like zongzi, Qingming fruit, of course, food is also different in different regions, such as some places to eat rice cakes, fried dumplings, eel, etc., for those who love delicious snacks, I think they all hope more great man like Quyuan exist, then they can have more holidays and nice snacks.

The following images are the most representative delicious snacks:




Of course, in this mild weather and holidays,travel outside it is also a good choice, I believe that many young people will choose their favorite bike riding together out of play. However, please remember the Dragon Boat Festival has strong popularity, you must remember to lock your bikes on the bike rack.