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The difference between the road bikes and ordinary bicycles

  • Author:Sara Dong
  • Source:Pioneer-Vehicle
  • Release on:2015-07-16
Road bikes, mountain bikes and leisure bike constitute three categories of bike's Types. Road cycling as a bicycle type, refers to the road surface (or man-made hardening roads, or gravel road) used on bicycle type, can be used for the road cycling race.In order to make the ride at high speed, the weight is lighter and wind resistance is small.As a racing bike, it has many advantages.
Narrow types than ordinary bicycle tires, so in the process of driving rolling resistance and small mountain bike than many;The number of teeth on the flywheel and crankset ratio is large;Today's road cycling is widely adopted new materials, such as titanium alloy, carbon fiber, high aluminum alloy material, so the weight of the road cycling is very light, very hard materials widely used tires, easy to athletes.To this point and mountain bike is not the same.For road bikes are on the road better riding on the road, so don't need a mountain bike, consider absorb shock too much.In the case of the same rider, a road cycling speed than a normal bicycle a lot faster.The height of the seat as well as the most important part of road cycling set, especially with a knee injury, trod the output.Cushion is too high to knee injury, and center of gravity is too high and easy to cause accidents;Too low foot stepping out strength, long-term with incorrect posture will trample bad influence on the knee and leg.
Bicycle was introduced, unavoidably necessary racks, rest area to set up a driver use bicycle racks/bike stand.

This is Road Bike

This is Mountain Bicycle

This is ordinary bicycle