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Linfen will launch later this year one thousand public bike

  • Author:Sara
  • Source:Pioneer Vehicle
  • Release on:2015-07-17
Recently, reporters from Linfen City Transportation Bureau was informed that Linfen City carry out actively public bicycle project in this year. 1000 public bikes will
be put in firstly in this year.
The government plan within two years put public 5000 bicycles in the central of Linfen city. Government will strive to put the first 1000 public bikes in the second half
of this year and construct 50 public bicycle service points.
In recent years, public transport to win the love of many people, especially cycling, public bicycles is very popular cycling and has become a fashion. For bicycle
parking facilities are more right. Bicycle racks have also appeared in the streets of the city.
Bike Rack manufacturers produce a variety of styles of racks. So they are more affected by people like.