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The world's first mass production vehicle anti-theft bike

  • Author:Sara Dong
  • Source:Pioneer Vehicle
  • Release on:2015-07-31
Remember last year three Chilean college students to design a "not steal bikes" Yerka it? Today, they are local entrepreneurs and to raise public website Indiegogo help, finally mass production of this bike, the first 300 will be delivered shortly after booking the hands of users. Yerka abandon the traditional lock, use self-locking frame deformation, deformation can be completed within 10 seconds, put himself firmly locked in on a lamppost, trees and other rod-shaped objects. If they wish to steal the car thief, the only way is to destroy the frame, but as a result, would not be able to steal the car ride. To prevent theft thieves steal wheels not change, designers are also special anti-theft device installed on wheels, no special keys even think hijacked. Designers say that before 100 bicycles priced at $ 400 per vehicle. Mechanical components this bike is manufactured in China Taiwan, steel skeleton and car pieces are manufactured in mainland China. Half of the current Yerka orders from the US, one third from Europe, and some from New Zealand and Australia. Removing the cost of production and postage costs, basically zero profit. However, the designers of these bikes future market confidence in the future.
This bicycle racks in the market affected. I think so too. In fact, there may have no effect, for the production of bicycle racks. There may also promote the development of bicycle racks industry, because people are not afraid of bicycle was stolen. More people are willing to bicycles. Bicycle parking facilities - will increase.