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Mobile phone can check the full rate of male rent a bike

  • Author:Sara Dong
  • Source:Pioneer Vehicle
  • Release on:2015-08-03
Beijing times dispatch (reporter Huang Hailei) as of yesterday, the Beijing municipal committee official We Chat "Beijing traffic" online full moon, over 35000 fans breakthrough.According to the committee, said this month, the male rent bicycle query service will launch new features, passengers through micro signal can be real-time query each male rent bicycle network car pile of actual vehicle number.
We have learned, at present, the Beijing municipal public rental bicycle number has reached 48000, average daily ride 300000 person-time.At present, for the convenience of citizens to use public rent bicycles, citizens through the "Beijing public rent a bike" and "Beijing traffic" micro signal can inquire all rental outlets and handle card point, citizens can also query the perimeter of the car rental network by way of positioning.
Yesterday, the reporter learns from the committee of Beijing, this month, "Beijing public transport" micro signal about rent bicycle query function further upgrade, the citizens in the query of the side branch at the same time, can check points along with all the full rate, that is how many empty pile and how many bicycles at a glance, people don't have to worry about go to the site after the car free to rent or not empty pile can be the matter of the car.
As of yesterday, "Beijing traffic signal has opened a full moon," fan breakthrough of more than 35000 people, the cumulative amount breakthrough millions of people, among them, the car standard refers to query columns become the most popular content, month queries 436000 times, live traffic column on queries 160000 times.
For the public transport,the male rent a bike is made good. People should make more bike rack. This is another good way for public transport.