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One County in China add more than 200 sets of non-motorized racks

  • Author:Sara Dong
  • Source:Pioneer Vehicle
  • Release on:2015-08-05
Recently, the public electric car parked in the bicycle parking lot near the bus station Xingsha prevent theft. Xingsha city this year will add more than 200 sets of cards-position racks for parking
It is convenient and environmentally friendly that people ride electric cars or bicycles. but if random park, the thieves, the crime will be very "convenient." Last October, Changsha county councils larger flow of people in urban regional pilot set of new card-position racks, free for bicycle parking, responded enthusiastically. This year, the council has more than 10 sections of the site, the installation of more than 200 sets to facilitate public parking. 200 pieces bike racks is bid quantity for one county.
Ms. Huang public likes riding my bike to backgammon supermarket to buy food, and asked the reason, she said, the supermarket door have bicycle racks, parking racks will lock in safe and secure. Earlier, she had experienced stolen bike, buy a new bike equipped with three locks, two locks each lock front and rear, as well as a lock bikes tied to a fixed object.
These two days, Ms. Huang was found at the exit of a good supermarket is also set two columns a card-type racks, she went to the supermarket shopping closer to home more secure. "After the base can buy food for a change, as long as a lock bike rack in the parking lock can be both safe and not the car 'tied up'." She said with a smile.
Changsha county councils responsible person, last October, to regulate urban bicycle parking, the council set the new card-position racks in large sections of the city traffic, people reflect good results this year will be rolled out across the city now the council has site Tianhua Park, Xingsha bus station, Jinmao Road Community Office, North Korea Vanguard Marketing Center Mangrove Bay Ecological Park Xixia Road entrance, Xingsha Mall, Dolton Commercial Plaza Tianhua additional free bicycle parking Point Road exit, Quantang South Gate Park and other places nearby.
The official said, not to bicycles and electric vehicles stopped at a predetermined parking place, in violation of the relevant provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law, will take persuasion, wrecker, field punishment manner. He reminded members of the public, please consciously non-motor vehicles parked in an orderly bicycle parking points, for the signage written "jointly participate in city management, united to create a beautiful Xingsha."