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What is the bicycle racks

  • Author:Sara Dong
  • Source:Pioneer Vehicle
  • Release on:2015-08-17
Definitions: one parked bicycles, electric cars or motorcycles metal shelves
Bicycle racks categories:
Bicycle racks: the bicycles mainly common slot style
Electric car racks: electric cars and bicycles universal racks, shelf spacing slightly larger
Motorcycle parking frame: The main park big electric cars and motorcycles
High-low racks: main level with bicycles, help save parking space
Spiral racks: A tube processing, bicycles mainly, due to inability to galvanizing treatment, poor rust resistance
Bicycle racks advantages:
1, convenient parking pick up the car
2, more secure and locked after
3, is conducive to landscaping, convenient green travel
4, save parking space, land conservation
5, can be freely combined installation, design humane
Parking rack installation:
1, the screw member will stand and the base is connected to the first fixed incidental
2, the ground drilling, with expansion screws racks fixed to the ground
3, using the supplied screw fasteners connecting the adjacent racks
(Specific installation according to local conditions)
A major producer of bicycle racks in:
Currently the largest manufacturer of aircraft parking area in Suzhou, including Suzhou Pioneer car industry has a variety of racks selling domestic major north-south, but also exported overseas, bicycle racks has become the self-developed new products
Bicycle racks of development:
Domestic: response to the national energy conservation, green travel call, increasing the people's health awareness to cycling will be more and more people-oriented, bicycle racks problem is more prominent, bicycle racks is in this context came into being, I believe the future will use more cities in the popularity of bicycle racks
Abroad: On the current market, there are a large number of containers per day bicycle racks exported to Europe, Australia and other overseas popularity of foreign bicycle is far greater than China, the corresponding bicycle racks demand is also very large