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the type of bike rack

  • Author:Sara Dong
  • Source:Pioneer Vehicle
  • Release on:2015-08-19
For the bike rack industry. At present largest producer of bike racks Located in suzhou. Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co.,Ltd. has many kinds of racks that is best-selling domestic and foreign.
Below I introduce the types of bicycle racks.
Bicycle racks: give priority to with bike racks, common slot style
electric bike Racks: electric bike and bike racks, shelf spacing slightly larger
Motorcycle parking frame: the main park big electric cars and motorcycles
High low-grade racks: mainly with bike racks, which saves land for parking
Spiral bike racks: to the circular tube and bike racks, could not be galvanized processing, anti-rust ability is poor

bicycle racks
electric bike Racks

High low-grade racks

spiral bike racks

double decker bike rack