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"Zombie Bike" change public street Car

  • Author:Sara Dong
  • Source:Pioneer Vehicle
  • Release on:2015-08-24
Recently, there have been several Shuangjing street free bicycle rental points. But with a different uniform public Rent a bike, the bike here color, different styles. They are made of "zombie bike" adapted from, no deposit and rent, the public just after the registration status can borrow.

Yesterday morning, the reporter went to Shuangjing Carrefour, along the new "convenient bicycle service point" signs, soon found a roadside service points. Here both the ordinary bicycle, but also shift car; two eight bike both beamed, also with bright stroller ...... nearly 20 different specifications of the old bike in a row, under the saddle hung a number of small written red card.

"This car free loan, not a deposit, there is no time limit, as long as the run has come back to!" Shuangjing Carrefour bicycle service points Hou said the master administrator.

"Master, to borrow the car!" Carrying large bags from the supermarket, who lives in the R & F City Sunrui Ping Hou master administrator greeted with a smile. After registering the name, ID number, telephone, vehicle code, she immediately got the car keys. "My family is less than two kilometers away from here, walking too far, take a bus and blocking, or convenient to ride." he said, ever since with these "public Rent a bike," she does not sit in the Black Mount.

Just six months ago, these old bikes also known as "zombie bike", some rusty, some covered with dust, some of the "mangled" depressed scattered in the corner, parking and community corridor in. "Waste bike long idle, taking up a lot of public space, the image of the affected communities, and some also blocked fire exits." Shuangjing street director Li Zelin introduction.

In May this year, started for the Shuangjing area residents reclaim unused bicycles. Depending on the condition, the residents donated bikes in exchange for toilet paper, the summer was cooler and other daily necessities. Not two months, we received hundreds of cars.

"Car close up, how to deal with? In fact, we also want a little more." Li Zelin said, "close up old car, we found that many can use, when scrap metal processing pity, we think Office Car service point , not only recycling, but also to help residents solve travel problems. "shuangjing specifically requested repairman street close up the bike for all medical examinations carried out, damaged parts especially brake brake all put a new and final repair of 60 Multi-use vehicles can safely ride a bicycle.

Leader bicycle service point said that in order to ensure safe condition after the car each time residents, the site administrator will check the tires, brakes brakes, seats, "Check again until after the full-qualified loan."

Currently, Shuangjing convenient bicycle service point total four, respectively, in the west of Shuangjing Carrefour, West Da Wang Road and Baiziwan Road intersection, Sanlitun a Western garden vegetable market south of the north side and a double. According to statistics, it runs three months, residents of the cumulative borrowing thousands of trips, by car is not yet the situation did not occur.

Responsible person shuangjing law enforcement team, said they will from time to time to various community recycling bicycles. This month, Shuangjing will open three new service points, a total of 150 bicycles available for residents to rent.

Pictured Shuangjing Carrefour west bicycle service points.

The praise is not only "recycled"

Originally municipal waste "zombie bike" into the public applauded the public rental. In addition to "recycled", government departments fine city management more commendable.

"Zombie Bike" was a lot of the old district of troubles. Previously, many departments dealing with these vehicles, mostly posted notices ask residents to move out on their own, or directly to clamp off the lock cleanup, finally scrap metal processing. To do so, in terms of maintaining the environment clean and really efficient, but it really is a waste.

Shuangjing street just "want a little more" on the abandoned bicycle "re-use", they received a multiplier effect: not only beautify the community environment, and activate the idle resources, so as to serve the residents. This thing is small, but the city manager explained in dealing with these urban problems of daily existence, we should "think little"