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China's most beautiful cycling road

  • Author:Ethan
  • Source:biketo
  • Release on:2015-12-21

Five China's most beautiful riding roads

I do not know if you have not seen the wide spread of the Internet in GermanybicycleFreeway Photo: spacious flat asphalt surface, greatly marked bicycle pattern is so pleasing, but also a wonderful place to bike zipper. However, this road is currently in the country is almost impossible, and those of us who do not want to cross country, people want to be able to climb the zipper can only hope that some of the winding mountain road or highway allow bicycle counterparts. Here are some suitableRidingOf China's most beautiful road, consider spring next year to go around it.
1, wall Highway

Wall road is the Taihang Mountains and the southeastern area of ​​the characteristic roads, these roads are cut out on the cliffs, in order to facilitate the construction and after the opening of taking the natural lighting, wall road more adherent and chisel, separated by more than ten meters next to the open side windows. From a distance, the lines sketched out the tunnel toward the side windows. Such works odd risk, difficult, rare in the history of Chinese road construction, but it is therefore becoming a big scene.
2, Aizhai winding road
Riding Tips: This road level less than 100 meters, a vertical height of 440 meters, the slope of 70-90 degrees bevel size, bottom corner after 13 starts up a hill.

Aizhai winding road of State Highway Route 319 (formerly Xiangchuan road) road spectacle. Here because it is connected to the west of Hunan, Chongqing Highway, so traffic is large, frequent traffic jams. Local police must divert a day on the cliff on road transport, due to the road surface is too narrow, they can not be disposed of traffic police on duty station on the road, we had a tree on a cliff next to the road put up a simple table, swing two small Mazar, around without any fence, no canopy, which can be regarded as the most cattle, most pull the wind of traffic police on duty station.
3, twenty-four Abduction
Riding tips: road from the foot to the top of the straight-line distance of about 350 meters, a vertical height of about 260 meters; the slope angle of about 60 degrees with an "S" built along the mountain, winding spiral to the mark.

4, the Tarim Desert Highway
Riding Tips: wherein flow through the desert 446 km long segment.

5, prairie Tin Road
Route length: about 132.7KM
Riding Tips: Here the average altitude of 1400 meters, the average annual temperature of only 4 degrees Celsius, wind, sunshine, no summer to become the most significant climatic features. Riding this way to keep warm.