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What basic equipment do we need when mountain bike riding?

  • Author:Ethan
  • Release on:2016-01-05
With more and more blocking traffic, people began to choose a bike this comparison motorized travel tools, and mountain biking is the city's most suitable means of transport, it is faster than an ordinary bicycle, and traffic jams, can compete freely on the bottom , is not affected by the road, but because sometimes faster speed mountain biking, dangerous and may cause some back because of its characteristics, is some of the equipment needed to quilt. Here I must say some of which are more basic equipment needed to ride a mountain bike.

Helmet, the brain is a human CPU, lost it will lose everything, but just to give the head of the right amount of helmet safety security, light weight bike helmet, and a material having a reflective property, at night can increase their own visibility , helmet visor can also play a role.

Leggings, because the mountain bike's chain is no tile covered, so the cycling legs will be rubs up against the chain, not only will wear pants dirty pants, then we need to have a leggings, its role is fixed legs, it can not touch the chain, so you can reduce the resistance legs too large to bring right leg tie is a must, and the left leg side no chain, you can choose not to tie tied.

Headlights, night or when riding in the tunnel, because look at the road ahead is unclear, will be very dangerous, headlights is able to solve this problem for you, it can not only according to clear roads, but also to oncoming Vehicles notice you. And some also have headlights flashing signal function is used for overtaking.

Rear lights, rear lights of the main function is to prompt the rear of the vehicle to prevent them from hitting you. In addition to the more common reflector lamp with a bicycle seat below, as well as flash from the distribution of electrical tape.

Riding glasses, glasses are one of the essential items, because usually the rider will encounter strong winds, dust, glare and other weather, when there is a riding glasses can not only protect your glasses, you can increase your ride road safety coefficient line.