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2016 first snow in Suzhou City

  • Author:Ethan
  • Release on:2016-01-21

This afternoon, Suzhou City Emergency Office announced that the night is expected on the 20th to the 22nd, the city has snow, on the 23rd to the 25th there is a strong wind cooling and severe cryogenic freezing weather, as low as minus 8 degrees.

Note, Attention!

Freezing weather hits!

By the strong cold air is expected on the 20th to the 21st city at night, sleet changing to snow, 22 have snow, snow may occur. 23 to 24, the weather gradually turn for the better, with obvious windy cool weather. The cooling process is expected to reach a minimum of minus 7 ℃ ~ minus 8 ℃ (24 ~ 25 days), there are severe ice!

How much of this cold air?

Figure: 2001--2015 annual extreme minimum temperature

So far this century, extreme minimum temperature of minus Suzhou 6 ℃, appeared in the January 24, 2009, upheld the two days severe freezing weather; ranked second lowest temperature of minus 5.9 ℃, appeared in the January 16, 2011 also lasted two days severe freezing weather!

This time, the extreme minimum temperature is expected to minus 7 ℃ ~ minus 8 ℃, is expected to be low in this century! And 24 to 26, is expected to appear for three days of severe freezing weather, has not appeared in this century!

Snow and freezing weather will be transportation, municipal, agriculture, water and electricity supply and a serious impact on health and life, to remind the public and the relevant departments to actively respond.

Currently, Suzhou City four large reserves of gas stations to prepare plenty of cold response of all emergency equipment, emergency gas supply, emergency personnel have been in place.

City water company tips to remind the public to be exposed in the outdoor water taps and other water facilities bandage insulation, and to close all windows and doors at night. If the temperature is below minus 3 degrees, can make the water flow into the line slightly unscrew the faucet in the evening to ensure the water flow in the pipes to prevent freezing at night.

Downtown farmers market vegetables each source is stable, the volume of normal.

The last fish to remind the public that do weatherization work, travel is slow drive carefully, pay attention to safety. Health, the family must have children to keep warm, for adults, in addition to attention when cooling respiratory and gastrointestinal tract, but also pay attention to the head warm, because blood vessels in the face temperature plunged dramatically shrink.

Doctors recommended that, in the case next week the temperature dips, may be appropriate to eat beef, mutton and other high quality protein to keep warm, while children and the elderly should pay more attention to warm cold.

Eventually, the snow arrived as scheduled.