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Henan college students recycle second-hand bikes, earn 30000USD in 3 years

  • Author:Ethan
  • Release on:2016-01-26

The annual graduation season, major colleges and universities will always be a "big bike abandoned," many are graduated master bike away, scattered in every corner of the campus. Henan University student Peng Liang after 90 aimed at business opportunities, decisive shot, the creation of "free man" second-hand bike, three-year profit of nearly 150,000, became the school truly a green entrepreneur Daren. May 3, Liang Peng told reporters: "three years entrepreneurial path, no matter how profitable, we are just exploring how to make full use of abandoned resources, if we can make a little success, is the biggest gains."

2011, Liang Peng admitted to Henan University of Art and Design Professional, walking in the campus, when he saw a vehicle abandoned bicycles, and some sell as scrap metal, and some are focus on cleaning up the school, he thought it was human and material resources a great waste. After the bike shed on the campus and surrounding second-hand car market fieldwork, Liang Peng, developed a set of "recovery, renovation, leasing, sale, crafts," as one of the second-hand bike waste recycling mode.

Liang Peng their environmental business idea to the same school Jiaoai Fen, Zhang Shao, three hit it off. "We tried to contact the school abandoned the idea of ​​the bicycle, a lot of recycling second-hand bike, and then classify them, repair, renovation, leasing and sale by way of resources reused. Used bicycle lease, by day billing, according to the old and the new division grade, per day fee $ 5, 8 yuan, 10 yuan, while the selling price of 80 yuan and 180 yuan per two price points. "Zhang Shao Road.

May 3, the reporter went to Liang Peng "free man" second-hand dealers, stores located in Henan University of East Gate, standing nearly 100 second-hand bike rental. While many students use a holiday trip, Liang Peng but still stick to his "job" on. "University of 3 years, Liang Peng do not smoke, drink, do not play games, do not fall in love, obsessed flutter in his so-called 'green entrepreneurship', and he taught himself bicycle repair, renovation of technology, had a gentle young man, the whole dirty every day, but he never tired. So, the students gave him offer 'pack rat' nickname. "Liang Peng Lei roommate says.

"Now, Liang Peng's nickname was changed to 'pack rat big boss'." Schoolmate Jiang Lei Feng said, "The new nickname is the inclusion of more people admire him. He originally told us he often resource utilization, environmental protection, understanding, plan for business, but the students did not agree, and now, he proved himself with the results. entrepreneurship repeatedly rejected the application, issued leaflets frowned upon, collect bicycles being mistaken as a thief ...... These difficulties, grievances, such as routine, but every time he Yingkang down. "

About her partner, Jiao Aifen face of admiration. She said Peng Liang for their entrepreneurial team injected resource recycling, environmental protection concepts, as they bike to the support of the soul. "The three of us through entrepreneurship, exploring an abandoned bicycle recycling resource conservation model for low-carbon, environmentally friendly offer power offer. We insist on this meaningful things, explore and improve the utilization of waste resources, but also hope that through their own efforts so that more people pay attention to the conservation and utilization of resources for everyone 'initiate'. "

Liang Peng by three years in Henan University campus was constructed short rental network, providing convenience while advocating a green travel to school students. He will be replaced originality, discarded bicycle parts, made into handicrafts, waste resources on campus to promote its recycling, popular with students, many students take the initiative to apply to join their environmental team.

Commenting on the development of "free man" bike trip, Liang Peng, he said: "Recently, we are planning to copy this second-hand bike project to Zhengzhou more universities if given the opportunity, hoping to cooperate with the government, colleges and universities to establish a pilot leasing second-hand bike recycling. the concept of environmental protection to more people throughout life. At the same time, I think anything that exists that is valuable and rational allocation of domestic resources has done less developed countries, the need to keep someone to bridge the gap, and I willing as a "pioneer" in the waste recycling, rational allocation brave on this road ahead "