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An unforgettable trip

  • Author:Rita
  • Release on:2015-10-14
Last week,our company--Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Company (which is a bike rack factory)have a 7 days holiday, in order to celebrate the National Day of China.
During this week,I had a wonderful holidays.Because I visited the Xinjiang Province and saw a lot of beautiful attractions.Xinjiang is China's largest province,it's area is 1660000 square kilometres,Its dominant ethnic group is Han, Uygur and Kazak.XinJiang have many famous attractions,including the Tianshan Tianchi National Geopark,Kanas Lake,Turpan City etc.
In this holiday,I enjoyed the TianChi landscape,it's like a faityland.When I stood near the pool, I can see the distant snow-capped mountains,Blue sky and white cloud just on the head of the mountains,so,it's very beautiful~~

Also,I visit the Turpan City,it's grapes are famous.I ate a lot of grapes,they are delicious.The Uygur friends are hospitality,they are dancing to welcome us.

In a word,Xinjiang is a peaceful and vast land,all ethnic group get along well.I love the people and the delicious food.

If my bike rack clients visit China,I will recommend he to visit Xinjiang.