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Are you sure that you really know how to use bike rack ?

bike racks

I went to one of my friends home yesterday . I saw a strange thing and interested and asked "what’s that , why it on the wall , it should be on the ground "She didn’t answer me meanwhile her husband was coming, and he hang the bike on the wall with the strange thing,and the house still looks the same, i confused and she told me you are so cute, that called , bike rack .

bike racks

You know how much the earth now you can’t buy more space for the house, however you still need to live.Then we should find out a way to solve this problem, bike rack can help us save space also can hang other thing which we do not use often, I said normal hook is ok ,She laughed and asked how is the weight your hook can be load, 2KG maybe sometimes it also not stable . That is right, that’s also why we use bike rack at home in that case we can also keep the bike save, and also make the room clean . When she wants to told me more her husband called us to eat fruits. Even eat fruit i still remember the bike rack , so cool , so miracle.

bike racks

I think when i am back i also will buy one in my house, This bike rack are so miracle you guys also do not know that bike rack also have more function you can also hang goods you do not use often haha !