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Better Truck Bed-Pioneer Car Bike Rack

Pioneer’s Patrol is an easy-to-use bike rack that converts any pickup truck into a secure
and organized bike hauler.

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Throw your bike into the back of your pickup often enough and you’ll eventually scratch your
bike or your truck. Have a second bike, or a third? Soon you’ll realize the need for a rack like
the Pioneer car bike rack.

The Patrol is similar to other pickup truck racks, but the Pioneer is particularly convenient and
has a robust build.The brand has developed multiple generations of racks and this latest
release has the best features to date.The Patrol is cheaper than hitch-mounted racks and keeps
the bikes away from salt and road grime. The Patrol puts the height of the bikes just low enough
to pull into my garage too.

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The MSRP is $270 and is available to U.S. consumers on Amazon Prime.

Easy, Secure Install

The center clamp opens to allow the telescoping rack to slide to fit the width of your truck.
Two large rubber pads on each side press outward to friction fit into truck beds of any size.
Once in place, the rotating handle further pushes the system outward for a very snug and secure fit.
The handle locks in its final position with a key that is used on both the center handle and the rotating
handle for security.

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This model is part of the growing trend toward no-drill installation, which makes setup easy.
I was a bit worried about theft given that the rack is basically “wedged” in. But the concern
faded after I tried removing it.

Perhaps a few really big guys could force it out of a truck, but it would make quite a scene.
It’s as safe any bike rack I’ve had on a car, which means not theft-proof, but theft-deterrent.

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Fits Multiple Bikes And Sizes

The Patrol accommodates any size front bike axle, as each mount includes adapters for all standards sizes.
This is key for those who ride with many different people, as not everyone rides the same through-axle these

Most trucks, including this Tundra pictured, have room for at least three bikes. The Patrol comes with only two
fork mounts, but more are available for $45 each.

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As summer comes to an end and we think back on some of the gear that has made our day-to-day
adventures easier, the Patrol immediately comes to mind. It is very easy to install and still looks as
good as new after a summer of use. The materials are nice and the design leads to intuitive use.

A recommended buy for sure.