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Intermittent drizzles in the rainy season in Suzhou

  • Author:Cindy Wang
  • Source:Pioneer
  • Release on:2015-06-30


June and July of each year, is China's Yangtze River region intermittent drizzles in the rainy season.

Recently the unbearable rainy season is coming, it has been raining almost every day for three weeks. The clothes are all wet because of no sun and the our mood becomes upset.

Due to continuous rains, it makes people's life and work much more troubles:

1. Road flooded, car water, travel difficulties 

2. house water, only to the stadium, school evacuation


3. The crop damage, vegetable prices increasing.

In Suzhou city, due to the advantages of drainage and topography, there are no a large of houses flooded and ​​road flooded conditions, but if it continues to increase rainfall, the roads and houses along the Grand Canal of China may be implicated. Currently outside the city of Suzhou, Zhangjiagang, Changshu has occurred roads flooded and residential houses flooded, the situation of crops affected. Other cities, such as Changzhou, Nanjing have been the heavy disaster areas, the local government has already tack actions to solve problems of residents, residents will be transferred to a safe place, to provide shelter and food.

This year's intermittent drizzles in the rainy larger than before years, so the situation is more complicated than previous years.

We are hoping to walk out the rainy days as quickly as possible,  return people a healthy and safe summer!