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Bike Sharing Flourish - It’s Time to Optimize The Public Parking Areas!

  • Author:Doris Xu
  • Release on:2017-10-31
Sharing bikes such as OFO, MOBIKE rapidly rises in China and are widely welcomed because it’s convenience. People can just use smartphones to rent and return the bike without IC card. There’s no need to return the bike to appointed parking area. It’s so convenient that more and more people use sharing bike as commuter bike, for going to the supermarket or connecting with public transportation.

Meanwhile, bike sharing also brings a series of matters. Parking issue is one of them and impact the traffic and city environment. Because of the freedom of parking, people always return and park the sharing bike near bus stop, metro station, school, office building. It makes pile ups and lead to inconvenience for management and traffic.

So, it’s time to allocate more parking areas and bike racks in public area! Look! How clean and tidy it is with bike racks!