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The New 4 Stages of 2015 TDQL Route

  • Author:Cindy Wang
  • Source:Pioneer
  • Release on:2015-07-16
Today, I will introude the next new 4 stages of the bike race route.

Stage 5
Xihaizhen- Gonghe

Stage 6
Gonghe- Guide

Stage 7

Stage 8


Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County is a county of Qinghai Province, China. It is under the administration of Xining city.

Since 2009 a folk music "Flower Festival" has been held annually in late July on "Mount Laoye" (2928 m) in Datong town.

Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake is the biggest interior salt water lake in China, with a total area of ​​4300 Sq.km, perimeter 360km and depth 30m, 150 km away from Xining.

Qinghai Lake, one of the most beautiful lakes in China, is a well-known scenic spot, around which you can see blue sky, colorful flowers and faraway mountains. The scenery differs from one season to another. Bird Island, which bears the title of "Kingdom of birds", is the paradise for about ten-thousand birds and an attractive place for visitors from home and abroad. Qinghai Lake is not only a national nature reserve, but a 4A level scenic spot and one of the mainly preserved scenic spots approved by the State Council. It enjoys unique natuanl landscape and important ecological position.