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Bike rack is mother of bike locker

  • Author:Ethan Yao
  • Release on:2015-07-11
Bike rack is mother of bike locker, why? 
Originally, there is no bike rack and bike locker,people just lock their bikes with metal lockers. However, if you just lock the bike tyre, bikes are movable and easy to be carried away by thief. Some one clever will lock their bikes with something like trees, fixed bollards or something else which is stable still.
With the increasing quantity of cycling, more and more bikes park in the street, but most parked in mess. This makes city administrators crazy, thus, government design bike rack and install them in the street for bike safety parking. So bike racks bring a nice looking urban and provide a good way to protect bikes. 

Since people take more care about their bike property, they are not satisfied with bike racks, because it is not that safe, thieves can still break the lockers and steal the bikes, you are right, bike lockers are born. Bicycle lockers provide the highest security bike storage and can avoid inclement weather.