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Bike rack:only you!

Bike racks as a kind of park bicycles, electric car or motorcycle metal shelves, not only can effectively solve the problem of the bicycle parking order, is also a response to the national energy conservation and emissions reduction, green travel, called on the representative, is a contribution to the urban landscaping construction, contribute to create environmental protection society.The bicycle frame is as necessary as said above?And look at the case:

bike racks

Beijing east pages of bicycle parking phenomenon has been attracting the attention of people, here near residential areas, and near the building enterprises gathered, cyclists accounts for the vast majority, so the demand of bicycle frame is not small, there have been many residents expressed hope to set up specialized bicycle parking bays, around for people to park vehicles.Recently, in the eastern dongzhimen street pages installed 20 groups of green way pass card for bicycle frame, for the use of surrounding residents and people passing by.Since the installation of the racks, once the chaotic parking spots there shall be no more, disgust expression and no longer appear when people go out to meet!