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Bike rack why called bike rack

  • Author:Kitty song
  • Release on:2015-10-26
Every new product must have his history ,also every history must have different experience.We always hear who’s bike or motor bikes is stolen other who’s door locked is also stolen then you will feel weird why this happened i have locked why also can lost .Actually that is not strange because thief is clever meanwhile we more clever then them we locked the bike with other stable thing in that case the bikes is more safe .People also invent a new thing to instead of the old thing.We do not know how to call this thing only know lock with this is safe .People all locked their bikes with telegraph pole & barriers government think that is not cool we must take some action to prevent this continue .Meanwhile a new name is coming bike rack government encourage people to use this you can see after use bike rack less bikes lost also the environment looks more clean .Bike rack is popular after it have a real name.We admire ourselves actually there is no difficult if you tried to do it you can achieve it i believe bike rack will be known all over the world !