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Hackers.Incredibly Crazy-------To all my customers and Chinese export companies!

  • Author:Jerome Wang
  • Source:Suzhou Pioneer Vehicle Co.,Ltd
  • Release on:2016-01-12
Hello,my friend
This year,2015, I think you all know about the crazy hackers!I hope the international police can help about it ,or more Chinese companies who do foreign sales,will have a big loose about the frand!
now,I want to tell you how the hackers do to get money from export companies in China!
1,please check one of my customer write

first,the hackers change my Email,but similer,it is hard to find the Email is changed,
2,please compare following 2 Emails,one is written by me,the other is written by the hackers
(1)by me

(2)by the hackers

when you compare it,it is hard to tell is written from different person!
so Crazy!
(3)when the hacker ask pay he usually do like this

hope international police can help us get back money from the Hackers,hope all Chinese companies will not meet it,if meet it,how to sold it!