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Chinese first smart bike parking system

  • Author:Ethan Yao
  • Release on:2018-07-16

 Currently, the first domestic smart bike parking system developed by Tianjin vocational and Technical Normal University and Tianjin remote Zhuo Technology Development Co., Ltd. was developed successfully. The system has declared more than 50 national patents, of which more than 10 invention patents

   The main body of the Tianjin vocational and technical normal university campus is a cylindrical steel bicycle intelligent access library, which can store 120 bicycles, which can be designed and stored at a maximum of 240 vehicles, 20-26 inches. Teacher Yuan Mingwei, the system maker, said that the storage garage can be set up underground, on the ground and on the ground. It is suitable to be built in schools, hospitals, commercial centers and subway stations to solve the problem of connecting the last kilometer of traffic. It is beneficial to promote green travel, reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollution, eliminate theft and loss, prevent bicycles from disorderly discharge, and greatly improve the city's capacity and the level of urban management.

 Professor Yuan Mingwei, the principal designer of the bicycle intelligent parking system, is explaining the operation of garage access.
 The system can automatically select and send the car nearby, averaging 15 seconds into the library and outgoing speed. It can alarm the parking area, lock the car and stand safely, and realize safety, fast, reliable and standardized storage. There are five automatic control of the moving axis or rotation axis, closed loop control system, can be intelligent judgment, error warning, network management, automatic correction inspection, remote diagnosis, maintenance and other powerful functions, greatly improving the stability and reliability of the system.