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Choosing the Right Kind of Bike Rack

There is no doubt that bike racks are very useful especially when you love biking and also love carrying your favorite bike along with you wherever you travel. Now, when you have to choose a particular type of bike rack for yourself you may get confused!

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You won’t if you know the different types of bike racks that go best along with your vehicle. Normally you will get 4 types of bike racks that can be used for your bike. Once you know about them you can surely decide which will be best for you.

Roof Mounted Bike Racks

For bike storage and transportation, roof mounted bike racks are becoming popular. The racks are mounted on the car roof and whether it’s a SUV or estate you can use it for keeping your bikes while you travel. With a roof rack mounted on your car from before it becomes easier to use a roof mounted bike rack. You will also get some types that can be mounted without a car roof rack.

Only problem that comes with this rack is that your bicycle comes in contact with the elements. Sometimes debris or rocks on the road may damage the bicycle.

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Hitch Bike Rack

Another choice for bike rack is hitching bike rack provides you have a hitch or a receiver to attach the bike rack. Those versions that are fixed properly with the back of the vehicles make your bike safe and secure. Those who are afraid of debris destroying their bikes, this type of bike rack prove to be very useful. Apart from that the downside of this type of bike rack is that you cannot enter the back side of the car easily if you do not have a swing style opening door.

Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

For short trips common type of bike rack used are racks mounted on the trunk. They are less costly among the different types available. The bikes will not be attacked by any debris and is good for those cars where there is no hitch. However, there is an issue with such bike rack. They are not very firm and hence they may bounce a bit. Even it may become difficult to access the trunk or the rear hatch.

Truck Bed Bike Rack

Sometimes when you get the option to drive a truck the best choice for bike racks is truck bed bike racks for transporting your bikes. As theses bike racks firmly get attached to the bed of the truck you do not have to worry about their safety. Sometimes if you are transporting your bikes from one place to another then using this type of racks are very useful. They won’t let your bikes get damaged as if you just throw them away there are chances that they may get damaged while in transit.

So, depending upon the situation you can choose any one type of rack that will help you carry your bike along with you safely. There are other choices too that may be tried depending upon the situation.