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Cyclists Please Watch out for Gaffer Tape on Bike Rack

  • Author:Thomas
  • Source:Cycling
  • Release on:2016-03-29

Bike thieves are using gaffer tape to cover up that bike racks are completely sawn through and making it easy to steal whatever is locked to them.

Have you ever seen a bike rack with gaffer tape wrapped around a section of it? Chances are it’s not just a quick fix for a dent or hole in the metal rack, it could have been sawn through by thieves.

Sarah King, a councillor for in South Camberwell, London, alerted bike riders to the dangers of locking their rides up to a rack that had tape around it, showing how easy it was to pry the metal apart.

Leave your bike chained up to one of these racks and it’ll be no problem at all for a thief to come along and have away with it.

According to figures from the CTC, obtained by the Huffington Post, there has been a slight increase in bike thefts recently, with 381,000 incidents reported between April 2014 and March 2015.

Wherever you leave your bike it’s imperative to ensure it’s secured properly, so check out our buyer’s guide to bike locks to find out which mechanisms you need.