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Cyclists to get on board with Palmerston North bus racks

Palmerston North cyclists can now catch a bus and bring their bike with them.

Bike racks are being installed on the city's fleet of 25 buses, with all expected to be in place by the end of the week.

Feilding had racks installed on their buses at the start of the year and the city is following suit.

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Horizons Regional Council transport manager Phillip Hindrup said the racks were installed in Feilding first because it had a change of operator.

The city got its turn with funding from the 2016-2017 annual plan.

"We had also targeted this time of year as well. We didn't want to put them on in winter," Hindrup said.

He said the racks would allow people to catch a bus if they had biked somewhere and the weather had turned.

To use the new additions, cyclists must lower the rack from the front of the bus, lift their bike onto it and then secure it by raising a support arm over the front tyre.