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Different type of Bollards

  • Author:Andy Gu
  • Release on:2018-07-27
Bollards can be installed for a number of decorative and functional applications, enhancing the visual quality of your building while providing physical barriers for safer, more controlled environments. 
Various categories below to find the style you are looking for .A range of bollards made from a variety of materials and finishes. Many of our bollards can be custom made or modified in-house to better suit your application. .

Retractable bollards
Retractable bollards provide a secure and affordable option for access control.

Removable Bollards
Control access to restricted locations or customize areas for variable use.

Sturdy and functional, protect your workspace inside and out from collision damage with surface mount steel pipe bollards. The no-nonsense solution for directing traffic and protecting your assets, our bollards absorb impact to increase safety and security in your facility. Use surface mount bollards to protect utilities, electronics, machinery, buildings, or pedestrians from accidental collisions. Our bollards work equally well for outdoor applications. Protect your loading dock and define perimeters for transport traffic. Either way, our security bollards will keep your workers and your equipment safe from damage.