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Does your bike racks fit for your bikes?

Does your bike racks fit for your bikes?

There is a problem in bike racks in Holland recently because ever-expanding of their bikes.For example,some one mount a crate in front of the handlebar,some one change the wheel size to make the function better fit for him or make the bike cool,etc.So there is a new request in bike racks

bike rack

In fact there are various types of bike racks to choose.
Slot bike racks:This type has fixed space,so if there is crate,baby seat or over size wheel of your bike,maybe it won’t suitable for you.But this rack can hold the bike without bicycle kickstand.

Inversed-U shape bike rack:This rack can be assembled according to the actual needs of space,fit for all kinds of bikes,but if there’s no kickstand on the bike,the bike may full down. 

U bike rack

Each bike rack has its advantages and limitations,but you could told us your request and get customized ones from us to fit for your bikes.