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Effect of the bike racks

  • Author:Kitty song
  • Release on:2016-07-05
Many Years ago, bicycles, electric cars and other non-motor vehicles disorderly parking place problem solution, starting from the trailer, car, but it only take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure.So when we advocate green travel support, clap for energy saving, environmental protection, convenient for bikes at the same time, how to solve the chaos of the disruption caused by stopping place management problems such as traffic, the city, vehicle lost?Because of this, "convenient bicycle racks" arises at the historic moment, fundamentally solve these problems.      After installing bike racks, change the street districts - in fuzhou street bike parking barrier area were installed on both sides of the frame 30, by jinfeng district urban management bureau unified installation, to facilitate public parking vehicles.Jinfeng district street of fuzhou road newly installed a non-motor vehicle parking rack has stopped on the bike, orderly environment for the whole street is clean.Jinfeng district urban management bureau plans to invest 400000 yuan, in succession to fuzhou street, street, is the source of the densely populated area and commercial area to install racks.   Scenic area for the convenience of the bike racks change the disorderly parking place phenomenon - in order to strengthen the guard against theft, and change the past bicycles, electric cars and motorbikes parked at random phenomenon, li river sand JianGuanWei in sha li river scenic area set up bicycle parking bays, 32 installed 16 groups of this kind of "convenient bicycle racks" quietly "maintain" the order, and are very popular with people

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